Srna: After meetings with the young boys we woke up

Srna commended the work of Fonseca in the miner and noted that after the match against young boys the team has improved.

“You know, it was hard to part with Mr. after 12 years and all the trophies we won with him… Mircea Lucescu will always be a legend of a miner. It is a strong and reputable coach. It really helped me in football and in life, I will always be grateful to him. Similarly, other players who worked with him. However, it is time to refresh the team, and the President has decided to invite young, ambitious coach who has good recommendations in Braga,” said Srna.

“Of course, starting something new is hard, but every coach brings to the team something different, and it’s always fun. When Paulo Fonseca, we were in a different way to play in attack and defense. At first it was difficult, because we have adapted to the new style. To get used to the changes, it takes time, and the miner just wasn’t! We need a victory. So after meeting young boys we woke up: we all began to turn and from game to game the team looked better,” admitted the Croat.

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