Shevchenko: Thanks to the guys that fought to the last

Team of Ukraine in a difficult match of the qualifying tournament against the national team of Finland has produced an important victory. Presenting your attention the after match press conference head coaches of both teams.

Andriy Shevchenko, the coach of the national team of Ukraine:

“First and foremost, I want to thank the team for what she fought for and got an important three points. And, of course, want to thank the fans, this has been a wonderful support!”

“In the first half was affected by the fatigue accumulated by the end of the season, but the guys gave all their strength to fight, fought to the last, for which I am very grateful. We had one scheduled for replacement — is not very healthy, and tired Selezneva came Besedin. But Kovalenko had to be replaced because it was obvious that he already gave it your all.”

“Bit of a surprise to the opponent, saturate the midfield and was in great physical condition. The hosts ‘ intense pressing, possession of the ball. But the stronger the opponent the more valuable the victory. During the break I told the guys to continue to give our hundred percent, and that the opponent has to sit down. And so it happened. The maximum that we could squeeze — we came. And this became a decisive factor in the confrontation.”

Markku Kanerva, Finland coach:

“Today the game against Finland was different from our previous matches. We’ve controlled the ball, dominated possession, but blunders have undermined all this. When scoring the Ukrainians, my guys were just sleeping… “

“Ukraine are a strong team and the visitors managed to win it at the expense of higher individual skill. But in this defeat there is also a positive time for us. We managed to score, well defended, if not for a few mistakes. Ukraine showed a more effective game and deserved to win, what I did, and congratulations.”