Newcastle United wins first round in battle with HMRC over tax raids

A legal challenge was launched by Newcastle United on documents seized from the club officials, the implementation of a tax investigation.

A high court judge banned the HM Revenue & Customs, of the examination, without the club’s consent, a material in a raid in April under search warrants issued by Leeds crown court.

Newcastle United and West Ham raided in HMRC tax fraud investigation

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Judge Supperstone, sitting in London, said on Thursday that the ban be continued would, until the dissolution of the club ‘ s request for a judicial review against HMRC. He directed that all the materials will be maintained by HMRC, which is identified as the attraction must be legally professional given the privilege to return to the club. He also directed that the complaint with Newcastle, which has just secured promotion back to the Premier League, must be 22 again before the court on the. June. It is expected that the club will have to show that it has a disputed case to a full court hearing.

To be revealed at the preliminary hearing on Thursday, no details of the grounds of challenge were, in court. During the day, the lawyers of the club has not responded to requests for further information about the case, and HMRC lawyers said they could not disclose that information.