Doubt no more: an international group of experts have proved the origin of the Russian “Beech” shot down Malaysian “Boeing”

A group of journalists-experts Bellingcat made available to the General public a new picture and their conclusions that run counter to official Russian propaganda.

In the case of the tragedy of 2014, a new unknown photo confirming that the Buk missile system that destroyed the Boeing 777 in the sky over the occupied territories of Donbas
was assigned to the Russian anti-aircraft missile brigade, said “Диалог.UA”.

The report is disappointing for the aggressor,
appeared on the organization’s website today, June 5, along with the eloquent
photos. Found out that deadly weapon arrived in Ukraine from
Russian military unit # 32406, and the machine itself is related to the 53rd
Russian anti-aircraft missile brigade.

The latter was found by experts photography
this MANPADS “Buk” was made in 2013, before the dislocation in
The Donbass, and the Network got only in 2015. That “Buk” in the photo the same,
which, according to Bellingcat, brought down the Malaysian Boeing, say
white digits, markers loading and transport brand.

I wonder
many photographic record of the terrible massacre of peaceful passengers
of flight available to the experts through affection
“atamatov” social networks: the photographs from the website Bellingcat
visible “the five plus” who love to

Earlier it was reported about the investigation of the tragedy of Ukrainskaya.