Serious fighting near Donetsk: Khodakovsky spoke about new losses of terrorists “DNR”

Day 5 June during the shelling of the frontline village of Steep Beams in the area Yasinovataya injured six civilians and several militants “DNR”. Among the victims there are no children.

The acting head of the “administration” Yasinovataya Oleg Morgun said
before morning it was known about three
affected civilian men. In the evening the wounded villagers were already
six, writes “Диалог.UA”.

In social networks, supporters of the “DNR” offer to invite Yasinovataya
Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov.

“Undoubtedly, the details always add spice to the
feelings, but I think that Mr. cannon will still remain unconvinced. Although, if you try to invite him in
Yasinovataya… But most likely he still will refuse to come,” writes
Igor Dmitri Bystrolyotov.

Terrorist Alexander Khodakovsky, meanwhile, reported that in the evening
June 5, from the village of Steep Beams, evacuated two wounded civilians.

“One soldier almost direct hit by a tank shell
scattered across the field, the other managed to take to operating after
sniper immobilized him….So it is, the harsh military life,” he wrote in
the social network.

Earlier the terrorist Igor Strelkov admitted that the Kremlin later
woke up –the war in the Donbass almost lost Russia. Meanwhile, in
the headquarters of the ATO ozvuchennye about the loss of the APU for the last day.