“Within a few years the sanctions will significantly hit Russia,” Nekrasov told when restrictive measures finally will finish the Kremlin regime

Russian economist Dmitry Nekrasov said that for several years Russia’s economy will be destroyed. However, in the next 5 years it is hardly possible to expect serious results and change aggressive foreign policy.

He told about it in the comment to the edition “Apostrophe”.

Nekrasov claims that at the moment sanctions are not
carry a catastrophic impact on the economy of the country. Another thing – after a few
years the situation may change significantly, and then the Kremlin will be forced to go

However, the expert said that Kiev is unlikely to achieve
from Moscow the return of annexed Crimea, since the peak primary
the effectiveness of sanctions passed in 2014-2015.

However, Russia may not hope for the lifting of sanctions:
the international community is United against aggression
Russia in Ukraine.