Tomorrow the frontal Avdeevka can stay without water

Water reserves in reservoirs over, to repair the system cannot be – terrorists do not give guarantees of security for workers.

The Ministry of
issues of the occupied territories in cooperation with other agencies trying
to solve the problem of water supply of the settlement, according to “Диалог.UA”

the Pro-Russian militants damaged the pipeline and the power line. In
the result of staying Donetsk filtration station, which supplies
Reviver Avdeevka. Water tank, used for the needs
the city has almost exhausted its reserves.

service of Ukraine on emergency situations has already started to deliver water to residents
city. Consultations with humanitarian organizations and local authorities
on the issue of water security.

can not be carried out without prior approval from
Russian-terrorist troops. The corresponding request was not
agreed with the Russian side.

Earlier it was reported objasni the consequences of the shelling of the Town. Zhebrivskyi said about how and who looks after orphans whose parents died as a result of shelling of a peaceful town