Trump explained the withdrawal from the agreement on climate change care about Americans

WASHINGTON, 2 Jun – RIA Novosti. The US President said that the decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement on climate dictated by concern about the Americans, the agreement would lead to the loss of jobs, undue legal risks the loss of sovereignty of States and economic damage.

“It’s my responsibility to Americans. The Paris agreement would undermine our economy would be caught in the grip of our people, would weaken our sovereignty, would impose unacceptable legal risks and would have led to systematic economic damage” — trump wrote in his Twitter.

Earlier, the President of the United States Donald trump announced the decision to withdraw from the agreement because it was “extremely unfair” to US and could damage their economic interests, will enrich other countries, such as India and China. Instead of Paris, the President proposed to conclude a new agreement, which, according to him, will be more equitable in relation to the first economy in the world.