And again stab in the back: Germany will buy us gas instead of Russian, because of the doubtful prospects of “North stream”

The Kremlin can not recover from the shock and indignation. As so, complain Russian managers, after all, we could undersell the Americans.

Gas supply West
regions of Germany will be decided by the purchase of liquefied natural gas from the United States. The Germans
refused to build a connection with the Russian “North stream”, though
at first glance, it would be easier and cheaper for the country, reports the German
edition Sputnik

Previously blue fuel
the state received from the Netherlands, but its reserves are coming to an end. The government
The Netherlands plans to stop exporting by 2030. The import of liquefied natural gas
from the United States and Gulf countries will be carried out by tankers from the terminal
in the Belgian Zeebrugge via the Netherlands to Germany. The pipeline is planned to start Zeelink
in 2021.

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