In Moscow the representatives of Grozny criminal clans staged a bloody shooting: the shooting death of a prominent businessman and his brother is wounded

One of the deaths during the clashes received 7 gunshot wounds. The shooting happened at Krylatsky hills between a group of Chechen businessmen.

During firing have been killed the brothers Sharpudi and Ruslan
Bajcurova, wounded brothers Halidova who confronted the victims, according to

The shootout occurred on the night of 2 June, warring factions
staged disassembly in nature and history Park

Known about 2 wounded, stabbed
18-the summer guy and 25-year member of the CHP, who were stabbed
wounded in the back and chest.

As pestresistant occurred – a new round of the perennial struggle for
streams and spheres of influence between the two clans Grozny
Biurowych and Halidovich.

In addition it turned out that he was wounded and Mohammed Khalidov, former owner
furniture center “Grand” and “Three whales”.

Earlier it became known details about the Russian agent Dakar, which
made in Kiev the attack on Chechen volunteers Aminu Okueva and
her husband, Adam Osmaev.

It was also revealed who exactly gave the Russian fighter coordinates AquaWay.