How to catch Lutsk majeure: in the Network appeared the frames as 8 patrol cars caught the son of the former strongman, who was “on drugs”

In three hours the night patrol police began a pursuit of luck with the white car, whose driver broke traffic rules and started to run away from law enforcement.

Told about it on his personal account on Facebook activist of the public movement “Samooborona Volyn” Alexander Nikolaichuk, transfers the edition “Диалог.UA”.

He spoke first about the geography of the persecution of the young major.

The activist said over time, young people already denied a driver’s license, was detained near the village of Linden.

“Everyone who was in the car, was detained. Lucky not to get shot. All the “famous night heroes”. At first glance, are in a state of narcotic intoxication. Findings in the 28 did not only disgrace the name of his father, a former employee of the police Department,” summed up Nikolaichuk.