Donetsk region was shaken by a terrible murder of a young girl: Abroskin posted footage from the scene of the tragedy and announced the sad details

Minor’s body found in 300 meters from the house girls. The school already does not have to help. Terrifying incident occurred in Andreevka, Volnovakha district. The dead child was only 14 years old.

On 31 may, the child is not returned home. The girl is out of sight of the parents was gone only 40 minutes, according to “Диалог.UA”.

The school girl all night looking for the police and relatives of the child, was alerted the entire staff of the Volnovakha police Department and Department of criminal police of GUNP.

The body of a schoolgirl was discovered at dawn on 1 June. The girl’s body was dumped in the bushes near the house, just 300 metres away, and had signs of violent death.

“And signs of possible rape”, – wrote in Facebook the head of the Department of national police in the Donetsk region Vseslav Abroskin.

On-site emergency working dog handlers and operatives.

Earlier, it was reported the terrorists “LNR”, which was first kidnapped, and then abused Schoolgirls.

Also we will add that in the occupied Donetsk brutally stabbed 15-year-old boy who bloody was able to crawl a few meters from the crime scene in hopes to escape.