Ventura: Manchester United does not behave gentlemanly

The coach of the national team of Italy Giampiero Ventura is outraged that the Manchester United defender was banned FC Amauri to join the Squadra saw Italy until June 5.

“I don’t understand what is the meaning of the strange decisions of the leadership of the MOJ, said Ventura. – The season for the team ended with the final of the Europa League, and I don’t see why discourage Matteo to join us in advance. Yes, according to the regulations, the club shall release the player to the team’s camp six days before the official match, but we will have two friendly matches! Manchester United does not behave like gentlemen”.

On 31 may the Italian team will play a friendly match against href=””in which Ventura was going to check beginners and those who are causing him doubts. 7 Jun Squadra Azzurra break in the main squad in a friendly match against href=””and 11 June in qualifying for the 2018 world Cup will meet with Liechtenstein.