The silence of the lambs in Luganski: action “LNR” kidnapped and tortured Schoolgirls

The chilling story occurred in the occupied Krasnodon in the Luhansk region. In a city known for the exploits of the young guard during the Nazi occupation, appeared again the young prisoner.

Only now is
not a crypto Lyubov Shevtsova and Juliana
Gromova, and girls wrestling and politics are absolutely not related. Both were
victims of a middle-aged pervert, a former member of the terrorist organization
“LC” reports “Диалог.UA”.

A resident of Krasnodon fifty Valery Grigorenko organized at home prison
young girls. About the psychopath is little known:
past medical worker, previously convicted, in 2014 entered into
“militia”, but soon the war was enough, and went from the front of the home
taking the memory of the “feats” the whole Arsenal: a pistol,
18 grenades (RGD-5, RG-42, group f-1), 1 kg tubular gunpowder, the machine gun PKMT,
underbarrel grenade launcher GP-25, five hundred cartridges of various calibres, 5
of magazines for AK-74, 11 shots VOG-25, 13 shots VOG-17, 1 kg powder, 6
mine detonators.

Apparently not knowing what to do with myself at leisure, decided to organize a prison for minors. Known
two victims of a maniac. The other day the local police got on the trail of the kidnapper
and released girls: the student of 11th class of local
school of P., who lived in the thrall of “defender of Donbass” week, and
student mountain College J. missing at the end of April. Parents are not
was hoping to see her daughter alive.

Information about Krasnodon slaves become available
thanks to the messages in social networks of local activists. In the “LC”
information about the crimes committed by former and current
the “militia” is classified

Informed Dialogue reported about the increasing cases of mental disorders in the ranks of terrorists of the unrecognized republics of the Donbass.