Serbian Prime Minister promised to prevent the creation of a “greater Albania”

BELGRADE, may 30 – RIA Novosti. The Prime Minister and President-elect of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic said at the last press conference as Prime Minister, he would spare no effort to thwart the Albanian politicians to create in the Balkans a “Great Albania”.

The most important conditions for development of the Balkan countries, Vucic called peace and financial stability. Speaking about relations between the regional States, he noted that currently they are characterized by two moments. According to him, on the one hand, there is a lot of tension and after many years see “explicit problems, not hidden under the carpet” as, in his opinion, has happened in the past.

“This second point is not so bad, at least not deceive each other, and we and the Croats know what happens – they know what we think we know what they think. Sure, we and they will be able to improve relations”, said Vucic.

“The relations of Belgrade and Pristina, they are the most complex. Here we have a tough, tough conversations, but as far as they may be difficult, it’s better than not talking”, — said the Prime Minister and elected President of Serbia.

Reporters asked Vucic, as it relates to statements of Albanian and Kosovo Albanian politicians that the threat of creating a “greater Albania” at the expense of territories of neighboring countries is Serbian propaganda.

“As for “great Albania”: when you repeat a million times, and call it fairy tales and inventions of others, so this is your goal. I think, unattainable, and will do anything to this goal is never reached”, — he stressed.

According to the Prime Minister and elected President, in recent years Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina have built “some kind of trust” in relations with Montenegro and Macedonia “there’s always something to improve” but now they “not bad”.