“A defector” from Shakhtar to Zenit Lucescu deeply regrets his rash act

The ex-Pitmen’s head coach Mircea Lucescu considers the trip to St. Petersburg a huge mistake.

the coach said in a recent interview with a major European sports newspaper
Sporturilor. Just after
years of work at the new location Lucescu threw with the coaching posts of the Russian
St. Petersburg
football team. Fired, as they say, “incompetent” – the year Mircea did not justify the trust
the management team, players and
fans, according to “Диалог.UA”

Thus, under
the guidance of former coach of FC Shakhtar Zenit are
got a single Cup, without winning a single national championship for the season.

successful years in Ukraine coach defector forced to demand 2 million
compensation from the St. Petersburg club for prematurely terminate the contract and still
could not yet recover from the bitterness and frustration: “It was a big mistake to move to Zenit. I
hoped to repeat the success with Shakhtar, but I was not given neither the time
nor the ability. In Donetsk, at me too not at once all has turned out, but there
I believed”.

Talk about the fact that Zenit is planning to say good-bye with a new coach and invite another mentor, were for a long time. “Dialogue” has previously reported them to their readers.