Dulub: Part of Volhynia became for me a riddle

The victory over Volyn (1:0) and parallel flash in the pan of the Dnieper, allowed the team of Oleg Dulub to guarantee a place in the Ukrainian Premier League.

“A fantastic game. Created so many chances and kept myself in suspense and fans to the last. Thank you guys for the hardest match. Part of Volhynia became for me a riddle. I immediately said that they have young children, they will fight to the end. Derby win team, which is superior to the opponent in the desire to win,” said Dulub at the post-match press conference.

Karpaty vs Volyn won thanks to a goal by Oleksiy Gutsulyak. Watch video goals and highlights of the game:

Also during the match Karpaty — Volyn, it was a funny curiosity with a drunk lions fan: