“These murderers bombed my grandmother, the way burn in hell”. Became known the possible cause of diplomatic scandal in Estonia

Media Estonia say that you know the background of the recent diplomatic scandal. The cause of the incident was the incident with the mayor of one of the local cities.

We will remind, the authorities
country instructed the Russian Consul General in Narva Dmitry
Cazenove and Consul Andrew Sergievu to leave Estonia, while the reason for such tough decisions
has not been announced, according to “Диалог.UA”

abstained and the Russian foreign Ministry. However, all secret becomes obvious.
The Estonian media, in particular TV channel ETV +, report that the reason for the scandal
the incident with the mayor
the city of kiviõli (Kivioli) Nicholas Voicename is approved, the conversation was about the incident when in the night from 16 to 17
may at the monument to the deceased crew of the Soviet bomber PE-2 shot down over
Estonia in 1944, there was an inscription “These murderers bombed my grandmother.
May they burn in hell.” Discussing the incident, the parties have overreacted to the Estonian
city employee had made an inappropriate attitude. “The conversation was captured, and this could be the main reason for their expulsion from
of the country,” according to the channel.

In turn, Russia stated that this major step will not remain without

Earlier it was reported the decision of the Estonian authorities viderity Russian consuls of
of the country. In Moscow it was called “yet another unfriendly and nothing
unreasonable act”