Sam Allardyce has certainly not retired from international return could be perfect | Paul Wilson

Considering Sam Allardyce in reality do not earn a great deal, he certainly overachieved in his career, taking their know-how in a number of difficult situations and always coming out on the credit side of the ledger.

The English football will be a quieter and less colourful place without him, but precisely because Allardyce, he projects his personality on the game with so much force – which came even to be too large and unshushable to the England of work – some think they are easily the professional game has seen the last of him.

This is not to suggest that he can not do without the football, or that he is always going to be unable to resist a challenge or a pension boost in the way of Harry Redknapp or Neil Warnock. The two are operating at a lower level, which is fair enough, but despite Birmingham and Cardiff have been glad of his services is no more than a suspicion that neither of the two could really cut in the Premier League. Allardyce still can, he has managed to prove in each of the last two seasons, and it is rare to see a manager step down when he still has viable employment options at the highest level.

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Thus, while the retirement of the Crystal Palace manager has probably thought carefully, and without doubt has the intention of making up the balance of your life, enjoy a little travel and spend more time with their grandchildren, the true test of your determination is not going to arrive this summer, but more likely in about six or seven months, when a club desperate not to drop out of the Premier League in sacks his manager and looks around for a short term, but it sure of the solution. The money on offer would be more tempting, and after their performance in the Sunderland and Palace in the last couple of years, not to mention the endorsements, grateful Selhurst Park staff still ringing in your ears at the time, Allardyce is the firefighter to whom more was to become in the first place.

So much so, in fact, that Fireman Sam could easily make a new race go in after Christmas and the rescue of the clubs that sinks in the Championship. Given that three or four usually know that they are in trouble by this stage of the season, could even be an annual competition for their services. Sky Sports could incorporate an extra window or breaking news ticker on its coverage of the January transfer of business to indicate that the club has made the first panic phone call to the Allardyce household.

After spending a few months out of the game, aware that it is too long of a break can leave even the best managers out of touch and rusty, Allardyce would have to make a decision bigger than the one that he just had to do this once the phone begins to ring. It is one thing to say that you need a rest, and quite another to resist the allure of a Premier League club that offers the earth to change in a few months.

Sam Allardyce has experience in international football, although he lasted only one game as England manager. Photo: Oliver/EPA

Allardyce can be re-energized by the court of its workload to three or four months out of the year, through turning on to a different club every season. Then, you could be out of the 24/7 management of the treadmill for the greater part of the year and free to enjoy the best of both worlds, except usually there are reasons that clubs are in trouble near the bottom of the table, and after their experiences with the owners at Newcastle, Blackburn and Sunderland (all of which suffered relegation after him) Allardyce can see a succession of ill-run and ill, clubs as a stage little promising,

In that case, but of course, he could try that another three months to a year of the option – management of the national side. Any way you look at this, it makes sense. Allardyce was everything to him less than a year ago. Probably has burnt his boats with England, but as manager of Scotland or Wales could still see much of your grandchildren and never have to worry about the owners or downhill again. This may not be as far-fetched as it seems. Allardyce parents Scottish, and if David Moyes is being touted as a possible Scotland manager, based on what he has achieved in the last two or three seasons, why the Scottish FA not to consider a candidate available with a significantly better record?

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Wales is not as silly as it seems, given that Chris Coleman is short-likely to succeed Allardyce in the Palace. Allardyce is from Dudley, Wales captain Ashley Williams is in Wolverhampton, so what is the difference? Allardyce could only swap jobs with Coleman and everyone would be happy, even if you imagine a complete break from the Premier League football that you can always look beyond. Australia may be a good fit, or is not, generally, a team of Africa need to call in way before a World Cup, although with all the traveling Allardyce can find the time of the family is in danger again.

China should probably be discarded for the same reason, regardless of the financial incentives, however, were Allardyce to get an offer from the country that pays Carlos Tevez a couple of million dollars a month that I was going to find it hard not to at least listen. It all depends on if he is tired of football, or just football in the Premier League. If he can still bear to take to a party or two a week a full-time career in the analysis is presented to itself. Based on his hostile reaction to the idea of a dive in the panel of the week plow a Fred Trueman/Geoffrey Boycott-type groove as a meaningless north type fundamentally opposed to innovation, or anything else that is considered fleeting or flash.

Allardyce is not really a northerner, despite his affinity for Bolton, and neither is, in reality, he was opposed to the innovation. Quite the opposite, in fact. He was one of the first coaches to see the usefulness of the technology and the statistical analysis. Though easily caricatured as humorless and unsophisticated, he is actually quite good with the words. He says he has no ambitions to take another job. That may be true, but it also leaves the door open. Allardyce probably has not ceased to be ambitious. Say no to what turns up next will be the most difficult part.