Monetization of subsidies: the software is still in progress

Deputy Minister of social policy Mykola Shambir said that the region will deliver the software to implement the program of monetization of subsidies.

In order to program the monetization of subsidies were properly in the area in the near future will be sent the necessary software. This was during a conference call said the Deputy Minister of social policy Mykola Shambir.

“Required software for this is being finalized and will soon be sent to the field to be able promptly and efficiently to complete this work (monetization saved part of the subsidies – approx.ed.)”, said Shambir.
Rozenko said the amount of families who will receive compensation for subsidies

He noted that the implementation of this government programme at all stages is absolutely necessary to stick to the envisaged timetable.

“This work is done for the first time, but we know how to make payments to citizens. But, I repeat, you must follow all the prescribed terms. Everyone should know their rights, and that we must convey to them,” said Shambir.

In turn, Vice-Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko noted that all payments for this program must be made before 1 September.

“I hope we properly implement this program,” – said Rozenko.

As you know, the government at the meeting on 26 April adopted a decision on the early monetization of subsidies. According to Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman, the decision will affect 1.5 million families who will be able to get about 700 UAH a lump sum. This decision provides for a cash payout, which is equal to the value of 150 kilowatts of electricity, if this resource is used for heating, or 100 cubic meters of gas.