Gontareva admits his pursuit after retirement

Valeria Gontareva admits his pursuit after retirement, but I’m sure he is right.

The head of the National Bank of Ukraine Valeria Gontareva allows for the possibility of its judicial or criminal harassment after retirement, however, emphasizes the correctness of his reformist actions on a post of the head of the Central Bank.

“Harassment – it can be. Because the amount of innuendo, provocation, nonsense, dirty companies – rolls. Should they worry about this? – No. For a second I doubted that I did the right thing,” – said V. Gontareva.

She emphasized that leaves the position of head of the NBU at own will in connection with performing its mission at this post, and not in connection with the change of political elites, which is proof of the movement of the country forward.

“How would someone not think that Ukraine is not going anywhere, I said goodbye with all, I can say that the country is moving,” – said V. Gontareva.

The head of the national Bank explains his low rating among the population the fact that all media in the country are in the hands of those with whom the national Bank under her leadership three years fought for the cleaning of the banking sector. “They’re fighting us, “feed” politicians, who you then tell us how bad the national Bank”, – said the head of the Central Bank.

V. Gontareva also said that he is not going to leave the country.

Answering questions about facing the dangers of the national Bank, the head of the regulator called submitted to the Verkhovna Rada a bill (No. 5303) “On amendments to article 99 of the Constitution of Ukraine concerning improvement of the constitutional functions of the National Bank of Ukraine to ensure economic growth of the country.”

“This must be fought. This is the entire world community, have all of our 5 thousand people… the Central Bank Here can’t afford to compromise for the independence of the national Bank everyone should come out and defend it”, – said the head of the NBU.

She denies that at the time of administration of the Central Bank, it provided the political pressure the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. “I think that I and 14-m bad listen (to the advice or requests of P. Poroshenko – ed), and 15-m and 16-m, Probably from this another major achievement is the building of an independent National Bank that I wish my successor,” – said V. Gontareva.

She noted that it will not go into politics, and expressed regret that the country lacks the political force which she would like to see under the conditional name “the Party of common sense”.

As reported, the head of the national Bank Gontareva V. April 10, announced his resignation on may 10. According to her, on may 11 she will be on compulsory leave and hopes that soon the Verkhovna Rada on representation of the head of state will consider the question on its resignation and the appointment of the new head of the NBU.