Police have opened a criminal case on the fact of explosion in the office “KUN”

The police opened criminal proceedings on the fact of explosion in the Kyiv office of “KUN”.

The incident late on Saturday evening explosion in a house on the street Antonovich in Kiev, the capital police started criminal proceedings under article “Hooliganism”.

“At 22:25 in a call center Holoseievski police Department received a report of an explosion in a house on the street Antonovich… it turned Out that the explosion occurred on the ground floor of the building. The blast and shrapnel damaged walls and doors. The scene seized a deformed metal fragments, ring and safety lever that are sent for research. Therefore, according to the preliminary conclusions of experts, grenade RGD-5”, – said on Sunday the Department of communication of the police of Kiev.

As a result of incident nobody has suffered. The material was, the investigators qualified the incident as hooliganism (part 4 of article 296 of the criminal code of Ukraine). Interviewed witnesses and eyewitnesses, the question of the withdrawal of records from CCTV cameras installed nearby.

The police conducts a number of activities aimed at solving the crime. For an offense punishable by imprisonment for a term of three to seven years.

Earlier it was reported that the explosion occurred in the building Antonovich, 3B, where the office of the organization “Congress of Ukrainian nationalists”.