Groysman estimated the money of local budgets

According to the Prime Minister, the Fund balance of the General Fund of local budgets in April rose by 4% to 47.4 billion UAH.

The Fund balance of the General Fund of local budgets of Ukraine in April increased by 4% and as of 1 may amounted to 47.4 billion UAH, in connection with what local authorities should make greater use of funds to implement socially important projects.

This was announced by Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman on his page in Facebook.

“In anticipation of summer I want to ask the local authorities to actively use the opportunities offered by decentralization. The latest data show, Fund balances of the General Fund all local budgets of Ukraine on may 1, 2017 amounted to 47.4 billion UAH. In April alone recorded growth of 4%,” – said the Prime Minister.

In this case, Groisman urged local authorities to develop socially significant infrastructure in their regions.

“While on the street good weather, you can do a lot for the improvement of towns and villages, repair roads and sidewalks, schools, kindergartens, clinics and the like. Today it is not dependent on Kiev, and from local authorities”, – stressed the head of government.

As earlier reported, Groisman said that local budgets in Ukraine in 2017 will grow by 25%, however, the authorities in the regions will be able to provide the fulfillment of the plan. Revenues of local budgets in Ukraine due to the reform, decentralization has increased in 2016 by 44% compared to 2015 year – on-year to 144 billion. Own revenues of the budgets 159 the consolidated territorial communities for the 2016 rose more than three times in comparison with year 2015 to 3.3 billion UAH.