Former militant pretended “patriot of Ukraine”

Action with the aim of the conspiracy was publicly expressing Pro-Ukrainian views.

One day, the police detained two members of illegal armed groups – unemployed from Druzhkivka, who in 2014 was questioned prisoners in the basement, and resident of Bahmut, who participated in blocking military warehouses and the seizure of the building Artemovsky Interdistrict Prosecutor’s office.

According to police of the Donetsk region, boatcan, which, according to available information, involved in supply of illegal weapons with the purpose of the conspiracy was publicly expressing Pro-Ukrainian views and to use national symbols.

The first of the detainees had served in “the headquarters of the DNR” seized the building of the then State security service. His task was to conduct interviews of people who are illegally detained militants, including violators of the “curfew”. “Shift” accomplice of terrorists lasted from 21.00 to 8.00. Now the police establishes the people who were held captive by the rebels and subjected to questioning by his countryman.

The second – a 56-year-old private entrepreneur, is engaged in repair of motor vehicles. He was hiding under the mask of the patriot, but the evidence gathered by field investigators, suggests the opposite. Now the man is checked on participation in other crimes on the territory of Donetsk region in the period of occupation. There is information that the gunman may be involved in the transport of illegal weapons, “the needs of DNR”.

Both members of illegal armed groups declared suspicion under part 2 of article 260 “Creation of illegal paramilitary forces or armed groups” of the Criminal code and faces up to 8 years of imprisonment.