We were looking for in the Google search last week (15.05 – 21.05)

The most popular queries of the Ukrainians in the Google search from 15 to 21 may 2017.

Query “Vkontakte Ukraine” (519 000 requests)

On may 16 the President of Ukraine signed a Decree on sanctions against major Russian companies. By the way, under the sanctions hit the company Mail.Ru and Yandex. Also it is prohibited in Ukraine owned by Mail.Ru social network “Vkontakte” and “Classmates”, as such that threaten the national security of Ukraine. The decree came into force and many domestic mobile operators have blocked access to social sanctions. All the access will be blocked as of 1 June, and on the Internet already, there are ways to bypass the lock. According to the Decree of the restriction will be in force for three years.

Request “What a lot of the Antikythera mechanism” (200 000 requests)

“A lot of the Antikythera mechanism” is an ancient device that accidentally found in the beginning of the last century. Device thousands of years ago were able to simulate the motion of the planets. And although it is studied for decades, recently managed to read previously unknown inscriptions on its surface and know that it was the most accurate machine in the ancient world.

Modern history a lot of the Antikythera mechanism began in 1900, when the Greek Islands Antikythera was discovered the sunken Roman ship. And only in 1902 the archaeologist Valerios, Stays (Valerios Stais) found among the finds from this ship, a strange piece of stone, from which protruded the wheel. And as it turned out, no it’s not stone …

This thing was assembled from bronze and was apparently mounted in a wooden enclosure about the size of a common Shoe box. The interest it attracted those that were painted some text – about two thousand letters.

About where she came from, knows nothing either. However, despite the fact that she was found on a Roman ship, the archaeologists are sure that it is made in Greece. Cleaning of the device took several decades, and his first researches began only in the 1950-ies.

As shown by the studies, this device was able to reproduce the motion in the Solar system, mercury and Venus, and the moon and the Sun. Significantly, the accuracy of this model was high enough, and at desire it was possible to determine the configuration of these objects for any date. Run “the race of planets” handle on one side of the mechanism.

Query “Shakhtar Dynamo” (60 000 searches)

May 17 in Kharkiv was held the final of the Cup of Ukraine on football between FC Shakhtar Donetsk and Dynamo Kyiv. Won wards Paulo Fonseca thanks to the only goal scored Brazilian midfielder Marlos. In the end, Shakhtar caught up with Dynamo on the number of Cups – from Donetsk and Kiev teams to 11 national trophies.