The Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine has finally been Deputy BPP Granovsky: notorious millionaire suspected of tax evasion

Few people in the country have not heard about the corruption scheme of times of Yanukovych – creating company-pads “Tedis Ukraine”, which is the subjugation of the entire tobacco market in the country. All this was led by the odious Odessa businessman Alexander Granovsky, which is concurrently a Deputy of the presidential party.

Yesterday, The General
the Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine reported about the Granovsky suspicions. We are talking about the pre-trial investigation
crimes committed by officials, a major distributor of tobacco
products of LLC “Megapolis Ukraine” (may 2016, OOO “Tedis Ukraine”), reports “Диалог.UA”

The firm Odessa businessman suspect of evasion from payment of taxes in especially large
sizes (part 3 of article 212 of the criminal code of Ukraine) and the creation of firms to cover up illegal
activities (part 2 of article 205 of the criminal code of Ukraine). In addition, there are
suspicions that Granovsky had conspired
with other leaders of the “Tedis” they also reported

The situation does not become a “bolt from
the sky.” In April the firm “Tedis” was notified about the arrest of their accounts and
the seizure of the goods by 1 billion hryvnia.

In addition, the NAB reports that the firm business partner
Granovsky had illegally won the tender to 7 billion hryvnia. Recall
Alexander Granovsky is a people’s Deputy of Ukraine from “Blok Petro