The Ministry of education wants to change the rules of the scholarship

The universities also plan to allow the use of residues of the scholarship Fund for additional student support.

The Ministry of education and science plans to modify the rules of the scholarship, due to the defects of the system. This was stated by the Minister Liliya Hrynevych during a meeting with students of National University of shipbuilding named after Admiral Makarov.

The Minister explained that the formation of a rating is planned to move from the level of specialization above the level of the faculty.

“At the level of the faculty have the opportunity to make a more fair rating. On the level of specialization of the group is very small and unequal quality of education. Now we have realized this problem and have to fix it,” – said the Minister.

At the National University of shipbuilding learns the most foreign students in the Nikolaev area – 800. Representatives of the foreign students at the meeting raised the issue of simplification of obtaining visas for training in particular, it is concerned about students from China.

“We are already working with agencies directly related to the simplification of the visa regime for students. I understand how there are complex procedures, especially when you are forced to return to his country, and then immediately go here. We’re working on it, and I hope in the near future to resolve this issue,” – said Grinevich.