NBU: the Courts resumed work on 12 of the liquidated banks

The courts adopted the “unjust decisions which have entered into force” in respect of 12 banks.

As of may 1, the courts have resumed work on 12 of the liquidated banks. It is reported in the press service of the NBU.

“Starting in 2014, the national Bank conducts systematic and consistent work on clearing the banking market of Ukraine from insolvent banks or banks that were involved in illegal transactions for the removal and laundering of funds. However, let this unjust court decision on the resumption of the activities of banks and the decision of the NBU regarding their removal from the market”, – stated in the message.

As noted in the regulator, as of may 1, 2017, the courts adopted the “unjust decisions which have entered into force” in respect of 12 banks: “Financial initiative”, “Union”, “Ukrainian innovation Bank”, “Premium”, “Capital”, “Veles”, “Radical Bank”, “TK Credit”, “East-industrial commercial Bank”, “Kievan Rus”, “KSG Bank”, “Khreschatyk”.

“The national Bank will appeal against unjust court decisions to higher courts. For example, in April 2017, the NBU sent to the Supreme administrative court of Ukraine cassation appeal against the decision of the court of appeal in respect of “KSG Bank”, – noted in the national Bank.

It recalled that the NBU on 30 August 2016 revoked the license of “KSG Bank” for systematic violations of legislation in the sphere of financial monitoring.

“The national Bank has repeatedly said that sees in the unjust judicial decisions about the reopening of withdrawn from the market of banks the emergence of systemic risks to financial stability. After all, the judicial system is used by owners such as banks vasileysky tool returns them to the market. This, in turn, eliminates the NBU’s efforts to improve the banking system of Ukraine”, – underlined in the message of the regulator.

The national Bank emphasises the need for the early holding quality of the judicial reform, which would have made impossible corruption, improved the efficiency of the judicial system and returned to the credibility of the decisions of the courts, said the Director of the legal Department of the NBU Oleg Overseas.