NBU is offering businesses the transition to payments in euros

The national Bank of Ukraine in the person of Deputy Kateryna Rozhkova recommends that the business transition to payments in euros.

About this Rozhkova reported in the course organized by FinClub round table, reports the Economic truth.

According to her, the NBU has already introduced changes to the regulatory framework, and some (including compliance) changes is still preparing.
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In the case of implementation, Ukraine will be much easier to work with the banking structures of the European Union.

However, in the course of the discussion the opinion was expressed that a full translation of contracts in euros to implement will be difficult. Among the reasons for the Asian segment exclusively in dollars, similar to counterparties US problems when opening correspondent accounts in European banks.
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We will remind, the NBU plans to create in Ukraine a clearing Bank, but not on the basis of the regulator.