Jeep has revealed a sketch of the SUV of the future

Judging by renderam, automotive industry 2035 will be substantially different from today’s.

Automobile company Jeep showed the car of the future that was planned for release in 2035, when the car model, expect dramatic changes.

Over designs worked aspiring designer NAK Joong Kim.

According to experts, in 2035 in the automotive market will be presented only cars equipped with electric motors and unmanned systems control. Of course this version does not involve the complete disappearance of conventional vehicles. Given the concept of the future, Kim has designed a design for an innovative model of Jeep.

The car should appeal to travel enthusiasts wishing to attract attention. The conceptual version has the traditional features of an SUV, increased ground clearance and wheel resembling a lunar Rover, it has almost no front and rear that is. The car of the future Jeep received custom steering wheel, faired seats, avtonomnogo system management.