Erdogan hurt again “stabbed in the back”: due to new restrictions Russia has already lost $1.5 billion

The Turkish authorities have taken the decision to restrict the import of grain from Russia. The new rules have already had a painful impact on the Russian budget in Russia lost $ 1.5 billion.

The new restrictions include limiting the import
Russian wheat in the country. Now its market share is not more than 20-25 % of all issued licenses for the supply of goods in
mode of internal processing, writes “Диалог.UA”.

According to Russian media reports, the Ministry of agriculture has not yet commented
the situation, as he had not received official notification about the new restrictions from

Licences for the import of wheat in the internal processing
gave Russians the opportunity to put in the Turkey grain free of duty for
processing and further export. Without such a license imported grain
taxed in the amount of 130 %.

It is not excluded that the new sanctions were a response to the decision
The Kremlin to uphold the ban on imports of Turkish agricultural products entered in
the end of 2015.

Note, may 22, the media reported about the warming of relations between Russia
and Turkey Ignatii mutual trade sanctions. Previously published information about
tomoka ready to go for the normalization of relations with Ankara on their own