Transfer Isaac Church inhibit non-legal factors considered in the Patriarchate

Saint-Petersburg. May 19. INTERFAX – Speedy transfer of St. Isaac’s Cathedral Russian Orthodox Church impeded by factors that lie outside the legal field, said the head of the legal Department of the Moscow Patriarchate abbess Xenia (Chernega).

“How will the situation with Isaac, we don’t know. It all depends on when it will be discontinued the right of operational management of the Museum before or after the decision on the transfer of this facility,” she told reporters Friday on the sidelines of St. Petersburg international legal forum.

Answering a question “Interfax” about that, are there any factors that prevent the transfer of the Cathedral Church, the mother superior noted that, “perhaps these factors, but they are outside the law.”

“I believe that the law allows you to do it today, tomorrow and yesterday allowed”, she said.

In January 2017 the government of St. Petersburg announced the decision to transfer to St. Isaac’s Cathedral Russian Orthodox Church for free use for 49 years with preservation of the Museum and educational functions. The building of Isaac will remain in the ownership of St. Petersburg.

The decision of the city authorities caused a great public outcry, the city held protests. Then there was an initiative on holding a referendum on the issue of membership of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Peter and Paul Cathedral and Savior-on-Blood.