Polish F-16 fighter jets Hawk intercepted a brazen Russian spies, flying the Il-20 M in the sky over Lithuania

The incident occurred over waters of the Baltic sea. This reports Center air force joint command (AIRCOM) Rammstein (Germany).

About it writes “Polish radio”, informs “Диалог.UA”.

According to AIRCOM, it was the first combat mission during the current NATO mission of Baltic Air Policing, which was launched in may and is to monitor the airspace above Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

On the base of Siauliai in Lithuania is Polish military contingent Orlik 7.

The incident involving the Russian aircraft occurred on Monday, may 15. Polish F-16 fighter jets departed from base to identify the object that appeared over the international waters of the Baltic sea. It was a reconnaissance aircraft Il-20. An hour earlier from the Estonian base in amorii flew the Spanish F-18 that identified a Russian su-24 bomber.

According to major Marek Kwiatek of the Operating command, the aircraft, which was intercepted by Polish soldiers, had turned off the transponder – a tool that allows to identify the object in the sky.

“For the first time our pilots performed a combat mission, that is was passed a signal about the activity of unidentified aircraft, which had included the transponder, did not respond to attempts to establish a radio correspondence. He wasn’t in the flight plans database Siauliai, led by the pole. After the plane was intercepted, he was identified as Il-20 M”, – said Kwiatek.

Kremlin the Il-20 headed in the direction of Kaliningrad, but after he was intercepted by a Polish F-16, the machine instantly turned to base.

We will remind, the day before “Диалог.UA” reported that NATO sent F-16 fighter jets from Poland to protect the airspace of Baltic States from Russia.