In Zaporozhye police closed the garage of a local resident, after which he died

In the morning he discovered the dead body of 30-year-old man. There is an investigation of the tragedy

The night before
police responded to a call in the village of bilen’ke – law enforcement officers were called by neighbors
drunken brawler. At first the bully was taken to the police station, and then
was taken to his native village, but not to misbehave, closed the garage, reports “Канал24”.

The wife of the deceased Maxim
reported that from the office the husband came beaten “eyebrow is broken, Boca
blue”, however she was not against that the husband will stay the night in the garage
under lock and key.

“In the morning, this citizen was
found dead. The preliminary cause of death was poisoning by an unknown
– said the Prosecutor of the region Valery Romanov.”
However, examination has not yet said its final word, there is only
preliminary data.

the fact of the death of Maxim initiated criminal proceedings.

Earlier it was reported about another tragedy in Kiev: without regaining consciousness died the woman moved machinepolitick.