In occupied Novoazovsk the Russian military after the scandal staged a bloody shooting: there are dead and wounded

The occupants of the “DNR” again showed itself in all its “glory.” Came to light new facts continued in the ranks of terrorists moral decay, which significantly affects the discipline of the fighters.

Thus, according to the
Ukrainian intelligence in occupied Novoazovsk rossiskaja able
of strong alcoholic intoxication has arranged shooting, the result of which was
shot one of the gunmen, some were injured, reports “Диалог.UA”.

According to intelligence,
the conflict was preceded by a dispute between the Russian mercenaries 9 separate
assault infantry regiment of the marine corps (Novoazovsk) 1 AK.Then sparring
moved to armed fire.

“As a result, one
the soldier died on the spot”, – told in the intelligence of the defense Ministry Gur

Also reported
what mercenaries in Yasinovataya because of fears of mob violence after the “incorrect”
the shelling of the checkpoint of the terrorist “DNR”, with the weapon escaped from his unit at
this wounding three people.

We will remind that earlier
it was reported of a powerful explosion at a checkpoint of militants “DNR”,killing dozens of terrorists.

Bad prognosis of the invaders and gave the former leader of the separatists Khodakovsky told that he
really voiced, only half a percent of the outrage that is happening in
among the separatists.