“Yandex” in Ukraine there is a serious problem: made a statement

Today, may 18, “Yandex” has announced to its partners in Ukraine, about impossibility to work with the accounts. Now the company can not carry out financial transactions and to continue cooperation.

In “Yandex. Ukraine” note that you can not transfer funds to the accounts of partners. In the office the problem associated with the decision of the President of Petro Poroshenko about the extension of the sanctions lists, reports “Диалог.UA”.

Now “Yandex” trying to solve the problem, but States that the rapid decisions they have. The company is looking for legal ways to pay bills.

By the way, the press service of the Russian company previously admitted that he does not intend to disable services in Ukraine, despite the decision of the official Kyiv.

The law on extension of anti-Russian sanctions was signed on 15 may. The ban includes popular social networks and services “Yandex”. Mobile operators have uzusaliai restricted sites. The opinions of Ukrainians on the resonant decision Poroshenko was divided: some support the Ordinance and believe that users will be able to shift to other social networks, while others require you to cancel locked.