The Venezuelan government went along the Kremlin scenario, suppressing protests with the help of military

In the suppression of demonstrations attended by thousands of national guardsmen and hundreds of riot police

In Venezuela growing confrontation between the ruling regime and
opposition. Today, the government sent two thousand national guardsmen and six hundred
special forces to suppress protests in the state of Tachira. It is reported

The Minister of defence of Venezuela Padrino Lopez said that this
necessary for the implementation of the so-called “Plan Zamora”,
proposed by President Maduro.

In Tachira the situation worsened after was shot
civilian, held near the site of the protests. He did not take them

Earlier in the clashes were shot and killed 17-year-old boy,
the speakers against the policy of Maduro. Since the beginning of his rule in Venezuela
there was an unprecedented jump in inflation.

Protests in Venezuela intensified in early April after
Supreme court decisions limiting
the activities of the opposition.

Nicolas Maduro is known as a ally of Vladimir Putin in
Latin America. Of his constant telephone communication with the President of the Russian Federation, not
hesitating, according to Russian news agencies.

Earlier “Диалог.UA” publikovalsya footage of the crackdown in
Venezuela with the use of armored vehicles.