Shocking information for the “country gas station”: China made a breakthrough in gas production

In China started production of gas hydrates with the underwater marine deposits. In just 8 days of “combustible ice” managed to get more than 120 thousand cubic meters of gas with a methane content of up to 99.5%.

The Chinese said about the breakthrough with experiment for the extraction of gas hydrates from the field, which is located at the bottom of the South China sea, reports “Диалог.UA”.

In the Geological service of the Ministry of land and resources of China said that the development mestnorazdrajatego hydrate called”combustible ice” started on 10 may and continues for more than a week.

The Agency reported that only 8 days of development of deposits located at a depth of over 1200 meters from the sea surface, managed to get more than 120 thousand cubic meters of gas with a methane content of up to 99.5%.

Geological survey called the success of the experiment a historic breakthrough, achieved entirely in-house. It is emphasized that this achievement will have “far reaching consequences”.

By the way, according to experts, from one cubic meter of “combustible ice” you can get more than 160 cubic meters of methane. It is believed that the global reserves of gas hydrates on the order exceeds the reserves of “conventional” natural gas.

It is easy to guess what the outcome of breakthrough of China in the hydrocarbon market, the country will be able to provide strong competition in Russia and Iran. The latter along with the United States and Qatar until recently was considered a leader among the exporters of natural gas. Now they have to “move up”.

As for the US, they Chinese competition is not so much in danger, because the States themselves are currently actively developing its energy industry: mining and “normal” natural and shale gas. But on the economies of gas stations, such as Russia, the Chinese breakthrough may reflect a very significant way.

Remember,China has invested billions of dollars into the economy of Belarus is planning to move in this market of the Russian Federation.

As previously reported,United will Stationroad the Russian oil price to a record low.