In the French Antibes on 64-m to year of life died from cancer of Francois Hollande: media reported the first details

Philip Hollande was 64 years old, his whole life he devoted to jazz music and unlike his brother was not engaged in politics.

He died in the night of may 18, reports “Dialog. UA”.

As reported by Nice Matin, Philippe Hollande was in hospital for a few months, here he was frequently visited by the ex-President of France.Francois Hollande said that his brother had cancer.

“Brother was sick for several months. Monday
hospitalized in Antibo cancer,” shared the former President.

The funeral will be held on the French Riviera, they will take place in the near future.

Earlier it was reported that due to low ratings Hollande did not nominate his candidacy in the last elections in France and said that, topotarget Makron.

After a victory on elections of the President of macron said that France has begun a new and bright Chapter.