The militants now just not to get out: volunteers showed exactly where from the occupied Donetsk terrorists “DNR” staged the deadly shelling of the Town (photo)

Civilians of the Town, three women and one man, on 13 may this year was killed by a shell terrorists that militants fired from the territory of the plant “Tochmash”, located in the occupied Donetsk.

InformNapalm reports that, most likely, given the nature
the devastation of the courtyard where people were killed, flew 122 mm artsneed (the fuse was set in the mode of fragmentation
action) to D-30 howitzers and self-propelled guns 2S1 “Carnation”,
reports “Диалог.UA”.

The ammunition of the invaders came from the South-East direction.
The volunteers added that before onterritory “Tochmash” noted the artillery unit of the invaders.

Here terrorists shelled residential areas of the 122-mm
howitzers D-30. Volunteers as a sign of evidence has shown the footage, which was
made throughout the summer and autumn of last year.

Recall that after the deadly shelling of the Town on
place four people died: the Network has shown pictures of dead women.

Orphans, as previously reported,were two little girls.