“The crucified girl in Gdansk”: acclaimed in the Network beating Ukrainian Schoolgirls Polish peers turned out to be fake

False information about the mockery of a young Ukrainian woman in Poland, has stirred up the Internet, but it turned out that the data is not valid.

As a reminder,
video shot on a mobile phone appeared online a few days ago. It
on his page in “Facebook” published a kind of Marika Pytlewska.
In the explanation to the video, the author of the story wrote that our school was beaten up by the crowd
Polish peers, calling them “Bandera whore,” according to “Диалог.UA”

Information was picked up by dozens of media. Especially rasstaralis
a propaganda publication of “scrapey”, against the background of Ukrainophobia
prosperous in the country, is not surprising. However, local residents of Gdansk
found out the truth.

So, Professor
University of Gdansk, Ukrainian activist, member of movement in support
Euromaidan March, Smith denied this information. According to her, the fight between
pupils of the local school really happened, but no
“ethnic overtones” it was not. Moreover, battered the girl
is a Ukrainian. “Duty
Moscow was a provocation, like “the crucified boy”,” said
Mar Smith.