On the arc Svetlodarsk “third force” destroyed the best dot of terrorists “DNR”: the details become known

Recently on the arc Svetlodarsk where with terrorists “DNR” fighters are fighting the 53rd mechanized brigade APU, was destroyed by the advanced position of the militants.

The news of another victory APU said a volunteer from Dnipro Yuri Mysyagin, reports “Диалог.UA”.

According to him, from this position, the mercenaries “greatly disturbed 54 brigade when it fought there”. This dot was located 900 m from the front positions of the forces ATO and was well fortified, hence he shot a machine gun of 12.7.

According to him, the destruction of the terrorists is the “third force”.

In the comments to the post volunteer jokingly wrote that dot destroyed the high-precision asteroid.

Earlier it became known,the place where was committed the deadly shelling that killed four civilians. As a result of attack of terrorists orphans the two girls.