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As the son of a Polish emigrant, I read Clare Mulley’s book about Krystyna Skarbek with great interest (Churchill’s favourite spy award-winning to the last, the 10th of May). It portrays not only the fantastic time of war acts of courage by Krystyna on behalf of the British but it evokes the mixture of Polish emigrants in post-war Britain, who had lost the mother country that they had fought. The new statue of Krystyna in London, is a reminder of his courage and of his people and the fate that befell them – some to finish the cleaning of the toilet Krystyna she herself has done. I am very much looking forward to a movie about Krystyna – I hope you make it and soon.Raf OrlowskiCambridge

• Your excellent article on the war hero SOE agent, Krystyna Skarbek, should have made absolutely clear; and his mother was in fact Jewish – and not only “probably” – and the surname was Goldfeder. Then, not only according to Jewish law – where ethnicity passes through the maternal birth line was Krystyna Jewish, but also by his own admission. In fact, he tried to get his mother out of German-occupied Poland because of this fact, but his mother refused as she was protected by her marriage with a Polish Christian count. Krystyna so it is mentioned in the book, We will remember Them: A Record of Jews Who Died in the Armed Forces of the Crown 1939, in the section awards – the George Medal and Croix de Guerre. Martin SugarmanArchivist, the Association of Jewish Ex-servicemen and Women of the UNITED kingdom

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