“Do not interfere with the Russian people of the world do!”: in Donetsk died a legendary shopping complex “Mayak” – netizens mourn

As it became known on Wednesday, may 17, in Donetsk ceased to exist the famous shopping complex “Mayak”, located on the Artema street, a couple of stops from the railway station of Donetsk.

The reason for full closure
the shopping complex were not bombing and destruction, and banal debts for housing and communal
services reports “Диалог.UA”.

Stores that
located in a shopping complex, all have either closed down or moved to a new
places. The first reports about the closure appeared in the Network at the end of April. On
today, the shopping complex is fully closed.

It should be noted that Mayak
was for Donetsk and guests of the city a kind of “Aliexpress”.

reacted to the closure of the shopping complex immediately, each in its own way.

“The Lighthouse was
to buy everything,” grieving in Network users.

“It’s a whole era
sunk into oblivion(“.

“It’s Gunpowder sanctions

“I found something scary. TTS
to open and close. Chi is not the problem.”

“I look forward to comments that
someone PTS really liked “lighthouse”. I think that will not wait. This
caravanserai had ten years ago to cover”,

“I liked the lighthouse, Yes.
I went there often in my childhood. So it’s a memory”

“Do not bother people

As previously reported”Диалог.UA” Ukrainian
the guards stopped on the boundary line trying to smuggle in the occupied
the territory of Donetsk vintage Stradivarius.