The party Lyashko Sergei Fishing found in the Lipetsk factory

Sergey’s family Fishing, a member of the “Radical party” Oleg Lyashko, owns a factory for the production of crackers and snacks in Lipetsk.

Ukraine has registered the company “Snack export”, which produces crackers and other similar products. It is written in father’s “radical” – Victor Fishing. But reporters found that “UNN”, the enterprise has a counterpart in Russia – LLC “the Lounge Group”, which manufactures products under the same trademarks, and that the Ukrainian factory Fishing reports “Диалог.UA”.

However, the Russian company is registered in offshore zones and the real owners ‘ names are hidden from the public. However, during the investigation, reporters found that both enterprises have the same owners. The Pechersky court of Kiev, investigating the criminal proceedings in April 2017, arrested the accounts of the Ukrainian company Fishing. In addition to UAH and USD accounts, under arrest was the ruble. It interested journalists, and they decided to find out why the colleague Oleg Lyashko took rubles.

It turned out that in Russia, there are two companies that established offshore and was registered at the same address: JSC “Mega trade” and LLC “the Lounge Group”. Their products and brands are almost identical. Journalists believe that Serhiy Rybalka, who has previously denied that it has any business in Russia, owns a company in Lipetsk.

Earlier, we said that in the Lipetsk nakalimutan dismissal of people who worked in the factory Roshen, owned by Petro Poroshenko. As told “Диалог.UA” all accounts at the factory were arrested.