Shocking confession authorized Putin: Russia is almost impossible to do business honestly

In the Russian Federation today, at a conservative estimate, 48% of the Russian economy is “in shadow”. Deliberate failure to pay taxes almost half of entrepreneurs due to the very heavy tax demands from the Russian authorities.

Commissioner for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs under the President of Russia Boris Titov an interview with TASS said that Sakashvili in Russia honest business impossible: the state refers to businessmen as crooks, which you need to plant reports “Диалог.UA”.

The expert says that currently 48% of Russian economy is shadow, and this is a business that does not pay taxes, because the tax demands from the States are prohibitive.

“The legal ratio of revenues and costs allows the business to exist. Only one increase in cadastral value and, accordingly, property tax is worth, it is a legitimate business just destroys,” – said Titov.

Russian business Ombudsman expressed the view that the regulatory authorities of the Russian Federation think that the fight against potential crooks, which is an urgent need to catch.

“Continues to reign the principle of “if you’re not in prison, it is not your merit, and our defect” is”, – said Titov.

He believes the root problem is the fact that the Russian regulatory authorities incorrectly defined indicators of effectiveness – after years of being evaluated by the number of fines that they will bring to the budget.

In fact, the principle should be different, namely: economic growth in the sector they regulate.

“Now some grounds for optimism officials are there only for the reason that the price of oil has not stabilized at the lowest level. In General, the economy is still stagnant, is still dependent on exports of raw materials. In small and medium businesses no growth,” said Titov.

Recall that the East European country protivostoyanie EU officials and Gazprom.

We add that the friends of Putin, Gazprom was caught in a lie: half of the profits of energogigant were “inflated”.