Putin issued a statement collapses the shares of the state holding “Gazprom”: it became known that it was said by the President of the Russian Federation

Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, said that the holding “Gazprom” today has no real cash flow. These words led to the decline in stock prices of the holding company.

As of today, may 15, shares of the holding “Gazprom” fell by 1.7%. After Putin’s speech, they still fell 2.1%. 129,7 ruble offer in the stock market per share of the Russian holding company “Gazprom”, informs “Диалог.UA”.

In his speech, Putin noted that today the Russian government has not taken the decision regarding the level of dividends for state companies. To calculate their level, it is necessary to know the real income of each of the state-owned companies.

The head of Russia said that the country should move to international accounting system IFRS. Today, according to the Russian accounting system to IFRS, Gazprom is the most profitable company in Russia, but only on paper, but in real life cash flow in the holding is missing.

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