Eastern European countries oppose the collusion of the EU and “Gazprom” – the gas lobby speak openly

The anti-Russian bloc joined Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Bulgaria.

The authoritative edition of Politico published an article about
gas wars in Europe. It is talking about the efforts of Eastern European countries in
the confrontation with the lobby “Gazprom”. Reports about it “Диалог.UA”.

Today “Gazprom” manages to ignore the penalties for
the monopoly position of the provider in Europe. Talking about them in 2011
accusing Russia of unfair high prices for some countries. “Gazprom”
threatened a fine of 9.5 billion euros. Later, however, the European Commission adopted a decision
which allowed the company to avoid these costs.

Lobbyist were Germany, traditionally buying
Russian gas is cheaper.

At the same time, Eastern European countries continue
to qualify for payment. We are talking about Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Bulgaria.
For example, only Lithuania overpaid for the Russian gas more than half a billion euros.

Recall that Putin recently fallen off of the action “Gazprom” with his statement.