“Fortuna Live” about the Cup final of Ukraine on football

In Kharkiv in the stadium “Metalist” our giants will compete for the second most important trophy in the Ukrainian football Cup of Ukraine. Your attention is the announcement of an upcoming event, experts from the state licensed lottery Toto href=”https://www.fortunalive.com.ua/#/dashboard/”.

If the match is a 3-week old practically solved nothing from the point of view of the tournament table (though any player or fan still it would be nice to understand, say: “we defeated them! We are cool!”), now the motivation will be sky-high. Dynamo is an opportunity to win at least one trophy this season for Shakhtar to make a “Golden double”.

Regarding “miners”, they are now far from his “autumn version” and do not show the same speed and impact. Although this did not prevent them to beat Kiev on April 21. Wards Fonseca then managed to find the keys to the opening of the defense Dynamo, which tested at Shakhtar his new scheme. Surprise was attenuate into Kovalenko, who operated on the midfielder. This brought the dividends, because the people of Kiev before the end of the game couldn’t crack the Central axis of the Pitmen.

Wards Sergei Rebrov seems to be liking the new scheme. It is a scheme with three forwards (“tip” and two “tens”), and two lateral, which are actively connected to the attacks, the two Rottweilers in the holding area with the makings of creative thinking, which are also required to ensure a balance in the defense, and three centracare. Why liking? Because the game was “reset”: there were more open areas, more movement without the ball + team started to score more. Of course, you need more teamwork, the scheme still needs to hone, especially in games against strong teams, such as Shakhtar.

As for the forecast for the game, the coach will draw conclusions, based on the experience they received in their last encounter. First and foremost, this applies to Sergei Rebrov, who should pick up the tactics and scheme, based on the capabilities of the opponent and try to neutralize his strengths. Given the fact that Shakhtar have more of individually strong players, the team is doing well under pressure, quickly moving from defence to attack and has a jet attacking players, it is appropriate to assume that the Pitmen have more chances. It attaches and statistics meet bitter rivals: 4 of the last 5 matches, the Pitmen emerged victorious and once the team drew.

However, very much depends on what form the people of Kiev will approach the confrontation.

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