USA was interested in the combat experience of Ukrainian tanks against the Russian tanks (video)

The experience of Ukrainian soldiers during fighting with Russian tanks in the Donbas interested in the United States. For this reason, the Ukrainian servicemen were invited to take part in the international tank competition Strong Europe Tank Challenge, which took place in Germany from 7 to 12 April.

According to the commander of the US army in Europe General Ben Hodges, the only Ukrainian soldiers, the only one of all the participants, have real combat experience against tanks of Russia. About it reports “Диалог.UA”.

Hodges noted that the experience of the Ukrainian tank is very interesting to the United States. The General praised Ukrainian military equipment, noting that the upgraded T-64, which competed Ukrainians, more maneuverable than the German “Leopard”, the American “Abrams” and the French “Leclerc”.

In addition, the commander drew attention to the high professionalism of the Ukrainian military who was always interested in the technical equipment of fighting machines of their rivals. He expressed hope that the Ukrainian military will take part in other competitions.